Never before seen- the world’s first immersive health and wellness experience

As you enter our immersive experience driven by technological innovation, prevention and science, we will inspire and empower you to put your health in your hands, as we guide you towards adding years to your life, and life to your years.

Start today for a healthier tomorrow.
InUWell Unveiled

Need a moment to breathe?
Feeling stressed or fatigued?
Eager to boost your health or extend your longevity?

It all starts at InUWell. Discover a one-of-a-kind AR sensory-rich mindspa immersive experience at The Institute of Universal Wellcare (InUWell) within the iconic V&A Waterfront, Cape Town.

Uncover insights into preventative care and extending your healthspan while exploring and having fun in an engaging and interactive environment.
Connect and share memorable moments with your friends and family.

Through innovative immersive technologies, holistic practices and research grounded in science, InUWell has been meticulously designed to enhance not only your mental clarity but also your physical fitness, spiritual and emotional well-being, and overall optimal health.

This extraordinary experience transcends boundaries as it celebrates the integration of mind, body, and soul.”
-Founder, CEO and Plastic Surgeon Dr Kamlen Pillay

Step into a phygital realm of possibilities

Immersive Wellcare: The Human Consciousness

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Explore our immersive world

Choose between a range of packages tailored for the whole family with prices starting from R235. Tailor your visit to your liking adding additional experiences to your journey. Each booking is for a 60 minute experience.
T&Cs. *Child 4-13 years old.

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Immersive Wellcare (SA Resident)

Ticket Price:



  • 2 immersive experiences
  • Awaken your creative side
  • Drink from fountain of youth
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Immersive Wellcare VIP (SA Resident)

Ticket Price:


  • 2 immersive experiences
  • Awaken your creative side
  • Drink from fountain of youth
  • Flexible time slot
  • Seasonal voucher
  • 1 x Sensiks Pod Experience
  • WellCare banker consult
  • No queues
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Immersive Wellcare Tourist

Ticket Price:



  • 2 immersive experiences
  • Awaken your creative side
  • Drink from fountain of youth
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Immersive Wellcare Tourist (VIP)

Ticket Price


  • 2 immersive experiences
  • Awaken your creative side
  • Drink from fountain of youth
  • Flexible time slot
  • Seasonal voucher
  • 1 x Sensiks Pod Experience
  • WellCare banker consult
  • No queues
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VR Workouts & Sensory Pod Experience



  • 1 VR game experience (10 min)



  • 5 VR game experience (10 min)



  • 1 pod experience (10 min)
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Wellcare Lite
*Coming soon*


  • Min 6 month subscription
  • DNA report
  • Blood test
  • 2 Consultations
  • InU App Subscription
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Combine the thrill of gaming with the intensity of a 10 minute VR body workout, challenging your senses, and captivating your imagination.

By incorporating regular exercise into our daily routines, we are investing in our future selves. Every step we take, every mile we run, every yoga pose we hold is adding precious moments to our life's journey. Our bodies are remarkable machines, and the more we nurture them through movement, the better they will carry us through the years.

Fitness workouts just got a whole lot more fun!

VR Gym Experience
1VR game experience (10min)
*VR GYM Bulk- 5 VR game experiences at R180


The Sensiks Pod Experience is a groundbreaking sensory-reality pod featuring customized fragrances, infrared light, heat, and sound sensors.

Central to this innovation is the Cosmic Flow VR journey, offering an immersive escape into a mesmerizing digital realm. This innovative experience serves as a form of meditation, allowing you to disconnect from the chaos of daily life, center yourself, and rejuvenate your senses, ultimately finding inner peace.

Sensiks pod
1 pod experience (10 min)


Welcome to The DUNK. The cold-water immersion experience that is the key to unlocking your full potential. Ice-cold water therapy is proven effective in accelerated recovery, increased energy, better sleep, pain relief, improved immunity, improved mental clarity, and improved circulation.  Immerse yourself in a rejuvenating cold bath to invigorate your senses that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

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Why join us?

Immersive experiences

Research shows that immersive experiences contribute to improved health and well-being. Health can’t wait. Start now.

Prevention is key

With prevention being key, understand key insights on how to proactively detect diseases and health risks and proactively manage your health by making informed choices.

Step into the Wellcare Era

Ignite Your personalised WellCare Journey as you delve deep into the world of health tech innovations and phygital (physical + digital) realms, opening doors to unparalleled immersive Wellcare experiences.

The “We” in Wellcare

Life is not a timeline. It’s a collection of moments. Celebrate the festive season by spending quality time with family and friends in a unique, distinctive setting designed for all generations, cultivating connections and putting the “we” in Wellcare.

An iconic destination

InUWell is conveniently located at the prestigious V&A Waterfront Mall, one of Cape Town’s most iconic destinations. You can break away from the shopping for a 60 minute journey through the Human Consciousness.

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Where to find us

Housed within the prestigious V&A Waterfront Mall, we are located at the Woolworths entrance. Take the lift to the second floor.


Institute of Universal Wellcare

Address | SF-SH01, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

Show Directions

Your health cant wait.

You can’t predict the future. But you can control your actions that improve your every day, that extends your healthspan and adds more joy to your life. Shall we start today then?

Have questions? Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Quetions

To find out more about our location, directions and planning your journey.

Can I Modify, Exchange, or Refund My Tickets?

All bookings are considered confirmed and final at the time of purchase. Inuwell VIP tickets can be exchanged up to 48 hours in advance of the entry date and time, subject to any applicable excess charges for new booking slots. Inuwell tickets are non-refundable. For any other ticketing inquiries, or for more information on our personalized Wellcare plans, group and corporate bookings, please email us on

Is InUWell Accessible for Strollers or Wheelchairs?

Yes, InUWell is accessible with strollers or wheelchairs. We are located at the Woolworths parking entrance and you can take the lift from there to the second floor. We gladly welcome children to enjoy and partake in our unparalleled immersive experience.

Is My Ticket Valid for Another Day?

General admission tickets are valid only for the specific day and time slot for which they were purchased. This is to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all visitors while managing the number of guests within our Institute. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee access to InUWell outside of the entry time indicated on your ticket.

How Long Should I Plan to Enjoy the Experience?

The duration of your InUWell visit is entirely up to you but ticketed bookings are for 60 minutes for you to explore the various different stations and immersive rooms. After you have experienced our multisensory stations, and learned more about extending your healthspan, we invite you to explore and shop our variety of lifestyle and wellness brand partners.

Do I Need to Purchase Tickets in Advance?

To ensure a smooth and easy visit, we operate on a timed entry system. We strongly recommend booking your tickets online in advance. This not only guarantees your entry but also allows you to take advantage of cost savings of up to 20% when purchasing tickets online. Please be aware that there is a handling fee per ticket through our ticket provider Quicket.  

Where Can I Purchase Tickets?

You can purchase tickets through our official ticketing partner Quicket or at the door. You will save 20% if you purchase your tickets online beforehand, as opposed to directly at the front door. Tickets obtained from unofficial sellers are not valid and will not be accepted for entry.  

Can I Buy Tickets at the Venue?

Yes, while limited tickets may be available for purchase at the venue on the day of your visit, we strongly recommend booking tickets online in advance. To avoid disappointment, please check our ticketing site for real-time information on availability and opening hours.

What Are the Ticket Options?

When you purchase tickets online, you benefit from up to 20% cost savings compared to buying tickets at the door. These tickets grant entry for a specific day and time slot. We offer Immersive Wellcare primary ticket options and VIP ticket options for adults and children- both SA residents and tourists- with additional experiences that can be added on to enhance your experience. Children under 4, including babies in arms, can enter for free. 

How Does the Time Slot System Work, and When Should I Arrive?

When purchasing tickets, you must choose a preferred time slot for arrival. This system ensures that we manage the number of visitors within the space at one time. Your chosen time slot represents your entry time, but you are invited to explore Inuwell at your leisure. The experience is for 60 minutes. You can arrive at any time within 15 minutes of your selected time slot. If you arrive significantly earlier for your booked time slot, entry may not be granted. In case of arriving late, our admissions team will make every effort to accommodate you in the next available time slot.