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Welcome to InUWell

We are not just a destination.
We are the heart of Wellcare.
Our state-of-the-art Phygital Institute of Universal Wellcare, offers a holistic approach to physical, mental, and social health and well-being, all within a warm and welcoming retail environment.

At InUWell, we don't just practice Wellcare; we live it. Here, we create Wellth, and we optimise your HUMAN BE-ING.

The InUWell Approach

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your health through leading-edge technology, research grounded in science, precision diagnostics and health data insights with AI modelling.

With a more personalized, preventative, and proactive approach to well-being, we help minimize the need for medication and unnecessary procedures, and promote the early detection of health risks and diseases, guiding you towards a healthier, and quality-filled life.

​​United by a shared vision

We bring together leading Medical Specialists from diverse fields, working collaboratively to transform disease treatment through innovative and holistic strategies.

Our team of Experts take a proactive approach, anticipating your health and wellness needs and delivering integrated care through personalized Wellcare programmers, enabling you to improve your every day, extend your healthspan and add more joy to your life.

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Delve into our Immersive World

Learn more about health and well-being in an engaging, educational, and enjoyable multisensory experience while connecting and sharing memorable moments with your friends and family.
Advanced DNA Genetic Testing
Wellness Shopping Experience
Screening and diagnostics
VR Active health studios
Precision Dining
Specialist Practitioners
Multisensory Experiences
Data-Driven Health Insights
The InU Digital Health App
Comprehensive health Screenings and Diagnostics
Specialized Treatments and Therapies
Advanced DNA Genetic Testing
VR Active health studios
Specialist Medical Practitioners
Data-Driven Health Insights
Wellness Shopping Experience
Precision Dining
Immersive Multi-sensory Experiences
InU Digital Health App

Your health.
In your hands.

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Premier locations

Our locations

Each of our 3 locations reflect our commitment to excellence, ensuring an unparalleled Wellcare experience. Opening soon.

V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

World Class Precision Wellcare
Designed to be billed the “Harley Street” of Cape Town, the Institute of Universal Wellcare- InUWell is set on 2000 sqm in the landmark destination- the V&A Waterfront InUwell is the home of Wellcare and is the first truly digitally immersed multidisciplary Institute an inviting retail setting, educating and balancing one’s bio-psycho-social being- your body, mind and soul.
Iconic destination
Retail therapy
Immersive experiences


The Pinnacle of Urban Wellcare
Situated in the bustling heart of Sandton, SIM Sandton is the first of its kind in africa and will host a 6* hotel, Inuwell precinct, step down facility as well as a multi-disciplinary theatre complex with more than 20  of Jhb's top specialists coming together to offer unified care delivery.
Modern Facilities
Urban Retreat
Central Location


 Tropical Wellcare Centre
Our Ballito facility- where  health science meets healthcare. With a prime coastal location, we offer top-tier medical and Wellcare services, designed to enhance and optimize your health and wellbeing.
Serene Setting
Holistic Approach
Easily Accessible

Your Health Re-imagined.

Our Mission

Revolutionize the medical and wellness landscape globally by pioneering a paradigm shift from reactive Healthcare to proactive, predictive WellCare. 

Our Team

Meet some of our team of specialists and professionals

Stompie Buys
Group Finance Director
Dr Kamlen Pillay
Founder & CEO | Plastic Surgeon MBChB | FCPlast
Surg SA | MMed
Chalandra Naidoo
Co-Founder and CIO
Ian Fuhr
Non-Executive Director
Prof Stephan Lampl
PhD, BChD, MSc Restorative, MClin Aesthetic, MDT, BBA
Marc Lubner
Non-Executive Director
Blake Van  Aswegen
General Manager Clinical and Medical Services
Gisele Wertheim Aymes
Chief Relationship Officer
Mr Stefan Visagie
Chief Technology Officer
Mr Reuben Naicker
Non-Executive Director
Shruti Singh
Chief Research Officer
Dr Kathleen Green
Product General Manager
Norman Noland
Non-Executive Director

Our iFIMR Scientific Team

Our institute brings together a dynamic team of researchers, healthcare professionals, and data scientists committed to transforming healthcare through groundbreaking research and innovation.
Prof Bradley Wilcox
Dr Brijesh Kumar Singh
Dr Craige Golding
Dr Vinayak Singh
Dr Ashley Naidoo
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Collaborate with us as we work towards our shared mission of enhancing the well-being of countless individuals.

Frequently Asked Quetions

What sets InUWell apart from traditional healthcare institutions?

We are not just a destination. We are the heart of Wellcare. With researched grounded in science and futuristic 4IR technology, we are providing a more personalised, preventative, and proactive approach to well-being, completely revolutionising the healthcare industry as we know it, with a paradigm shift from reactive healthcare to proactive, predictive Wellcare. It is the first of it kind and is a single destination for all your health and wellness needs providing unified care that is anticipatory in nature.

InUWell is the perfect place to learn about your body and how to take care of it, to access the latest technology and treatments and therapies, and to connect with other people who are on the same journey.

How does InUWell incorporate 4IR technology into its Wellcare practices?

We are revolutionizing the healthcare sector through a visionary fusion of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technology and holistic practices. Our groundbreaking approach, harnessing precision AI diagnostics and health data insights, provides personalized, proactive, and preventive healthcare solutions to add years to your life, and life to your years.

What specific services does InUWell offer ?

InUWell provides a diverse range of services, including DNA genetic testing, comprehensive health screenings, specialized treatments and therapies, Wellcare lifestyle products and services, active health studios, multisensory immersive experiences, and a digital health bank with evidence-based healthcare insights.

Who should visit InUWell?

InUWell is for all generations. Whether its to optimise your physical performance, prevent chronic diseases, or improve your overall well-being, our personalized Wellcare Programmes are grounded in science and technological innovation and empower individuals of all ages to take precise, proactive, and preventative measures to live well, for longer. And living longer is only great, when you live better today. Our Wellcare Programmes enable you to improve your every day, extend your healthspan and add more joy to your life.

What types of immersive health and wellness experiences will InUWell offer during the festive season?

This festive season, we’re opening the door to ground-breaking immersive health and wellness experiences at InUWell - The Institute of Universal Wellcare - at the prestigious V&A Waterfront Mall. You will discover more on health and well-being while exploring and having fun in an engaging, euphoric, multi-sensory environment as you connect and share memorable moments with your friends and family. Visit our ticketing page now to buy tickets.

I am a doctor, health or wellness practitioner, or lifestyle wellness brand and would like to collaborate.

We’d love to hear from you and to join the many incredible collaborators working with us on our shared mission of enhancing the well-being of countless individuals. Please get in touch with us on